Carolina Cheer Express (CCX) is known for training individuals from sideline to the mat. Jumps, stunts, vocals along with tumbling and transition- the participant can cheer in any arena and ready for challenge for champion status. Join our teams and you can make any team-we have the record to prove it! We compete to win- the recreational team train and have one competition with lots of fun.

Cheer Fit

Jumps – terminology and skill development with height

Tumbling – basic or advance

Stomps – down stomp, up stomp, rhythm and more

Intro to cheer – never cheered before start with Nspired Athletics.

Cheer All Star

Cheer all star prep (recreation) has five competitions and commitment with lots more training …compared to… all star cheer who compete locally and very little travel but guaranteed fun and very rewarding.

SMAG camp is very interactive with science fun and math facts while keeping kids active in arts (drama, painting, etc) and athletics (tennis, soccer, etc). Children engage in biology, chemistry and physics with age appropriate assignments. Math facts are common core math methods empowering kids with the 1-2-3 steps… the instructors are educated and dedicated to a child’s future. We don’t take it lightly!!

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